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长城书院假期营/游学活动 (Holiday Camp/ Study Tour

·中国华侨办寻根之旅——“寻根之旅”夏令营是中国国务院侨办专为 12 岁以上的海外华裔组织的免费夏令营,长城书院作为“寻根之旅”阿联酋报名点之一,每年带领在阿华裔青少年参观祖国的历史文化名城,学习汉语、了解当地的民俗风情并学习、体验中国的传统文化艺术。
·国际游学活动——长城书院游学活动组织国内中小学生体验迪拜的自然与人文景观,感 受迪拜的多元文化气息,并与各国学生交流、感受一流国际学校的课堂,锻炼英文口语并丰富知识。

Root Seeking Camps

Summer Camp and Winter Camp — It`s hold by China State Council, it gives the opportunities to the overseas Chinese Children who are above 12 years old to explore Chinese culture and experience Chinese traditions.

Study Tours

Our Study Tour is designed for the students who study in elementary and secondary school, and will see the group travel to the United Arab Emirates. Students will have the opportunities to study in the international schools with the students from different nations and attend events. This Study Tour will also have you visiting historical and cultural sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.