Welcome to Great Wall Institute!

Founder's Message

Ms. XiaoJun Yin

Hi!Welcome to Great Wall Institute—a Chinese language&culture institute with a fantastic reputation and genuinely a wonderful place to be. I am Summer Yin, the founder of Great Wall as well as one of the teachers teaching Mandarin and calligraphy.
Since as long as I can remember I have been in love with my mother tongue—Chinese language. I love the artistic Chinese characters and the poetic sound as well as the centuried Chinese literacy.
It has instilled in me inherent moral values and great pride in my very rich native culture, I hope more people from different countries and different cultural backgrounds can appreciate its beauty, so I chose the major of”teaching Chinese as a foreign language” when I studied in university.
And when I got the opportunity to start teaching after graduate, I knew I had found my calling. I fell in love with teaching from the first day when I was a teacher. I am so honored when I see my teaching excite my students, enrich them and open their mind to new horizons. I believe teaching is learning, I have been teaching for more than 7000 hours from the year of 2011, it is a process for me to keep learning and improve myself as well.
As the founder and manager of Great Wall, because I started my career as a teacher, so now when I am managing the institute, I always focus heavily on the needs of our students and the teaching effects.
I often say that I hop our students learn Chinese the fun and smart way, so we have developed creative and unique teaching method and curriculum. At Great Wall, you will enjoy the fun, open, interaction and humanity of the class.